Restoring Health and Quality of Life through Advanced Healing

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Polumiros Inc. is a biomaterials company specializing in the development of a novel immunomodulatory polymer platform technology that manages inflammation and improves healing, restoring patients’ health and quality of life.

Polumiros Inc. is a biomaterials start-up company founded based on innovative research at the University of Toronto and the University Health network, specializing in the development of novel immunomodulatory polymer technology. Our primary focus is on the development of biocompatible polymeric biomaterials, in the form of medical device coatings, tissue regeneration scaffolds and drug carriers, that reduce biomedical implant-associated inflammation and fibrosis while enhancing bio-integration. Polumiros Inc.’s family of polymers is amenable to being used as a platform technology as its immunomodulatory character can be maintained while producing biomaterials with a wide range of physical properties suitable for diverse applications.


Our lead product is ReFilx™, a Regenerative Filler Matrix which provides breast cancer patients with a cosmetically superior and minimally-invasive solution for the permanent restoration of breast tissue defects following lumpectomy.

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