Polumiros Inc. is a biomaterials company specializing in the development of a novel immunomodulatory polymer platform technology that manages inflammation and improves healing, restoring patients’ health and quality of life.
Implanted biomedical devices and biomaterials play an important role in providing effective treatments for patients diagnosed with diseases that cannot be addressed with drugs or surgical procedures alone. These devices, however, are subjected to a foreign body response following implantation that has the potential to impair function. This is particularly important for chronically-implanted devices and biomaterials, where the foreign body response can result in a gradual decline in performance over time. Polumiros Inc. offers an innovative and cost-effective solution to extend the functional life of implanted medical devices.

Technology Platform

The foundation of our multi-product platform is a novel immunomodulatory polymer technology that, without the use of biological or pharmacological agents, has the ability to:

  • Reduce post-implantation inflammation
  • Support healthy tissue regeneration around/within implanted biomedical devices, and
  • Offer a wide range of physical properties suitable for diverse applications.

Polumiros Inc. is dedicated to leveraging its ground breaking immunomodulatory polymer platform technology in 3 key areas:

1. Tissue regeneration scaffolds – Regenerative filler matrices for the permanent restoration of soft tissue defects. ReFilx™ is Polumiros’ lead product, providing breast cancer patients with a cosmetically superior and minimally-invasive solution for the permanent restoration of breast tissue defects following lumpectomy.  Learn more about ReFilx™.

2. Medical device coatings – A strong pipeline of novel anti-fibrotic and anti-thrombotic polymer coatings.

3. Drug delivery – Drug carriers in the form of coatings, films, foams, or nano- and micro-particles for the controlled and targeted delivery of therapeutics.